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Collections/Judgment Enforcement

Judgment Enforcement in Florida

If you have an unpaid judgment for money, you may need legal assistance enforcing and collecting on the judgment. Our firm has extensive experience enforcing judgments in Florida whether the judgment was obtained in Florida or out of state. Frater Law can help you with enforcement against the debtor in Florida. We represent creditors in state or federal court, including bankruptcy.

Investigating Assets

As the creditor, you will have access to procedural tools to help gain insight and information concerning the debtor’s assets. Florida allows a creditor broad discovery rights including against the judgment debtor and others who may have assets of the debtor.

Frater Law has extensive experience working on collections and judgment enforcement. If you are owed money and need help with a judgment, or if you have gone through the process and need assistance enforcing the judgment, schedule an appointment with our attorneys today.


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